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It has been reported that Punnetts Town has one of the worst average Broadband speeds in the country.
This is largely down to the lack of investment that BT have made in the Rushlake Green exchange - and their reluctance to ‘unloop’ services in the exchange making them available to other providers and therefore open the competetive market in Punnetts Town and surrounding areas.
So, if you are interested in conducting some tests on your own internet connection and reporting the speeds in an effort to put pressure on BT to meet their obligations under the rural communities connected scheme then please email me here
No personal information will be shared,
just a compilation of speeds over a given period of time.
It may interest you to know that the Outer Hebrides can get 17MBPS - over 15x the speeds that have so far been reported for Punnetts Town!
(With thanks to Robin Jones & Richard)
From Richard (Punnetts Town Community Mail Subscriber)
Hi Ed, No idea who owns the peacock, but here's a photo of it in our garden at Barley Mow House a couple of weeks ago:’
From Robin Jones
Picture taken during the election where despite his aristocratic background he was showing his true political affiliation
‘I saw your article on the Punnets Town website about the wandering Peacock. He is an illegal immigrant from Rookery Lane in Rushlake Green, He is known variously as Sir Perceival or Captain Peacock. He has lodged with us and our neighbours at Bunces Farm for the last 2 or 3 years.
He is fearless with traffic and has seen off several foxes. He will follow me around the garden like a pet dog when fed. When we were away for several weeks and our neighbours ill, he was not fed and so took umbrage and decided to seek pastures new in Punnets Town. He had been spotted in Flitterbrook Lane too recently.
If anyone is brave enough to catch him, we would be delighted to see him back. If you can corner him I would be willing to have a go - He is not everyone’s favourite pet as he is prone to giving you wake-up calls at 4.30am!!’
Robin Jones - 01435 830395
(I have added a basic (safe) speedcheck here, just click on the button that says ‘start speedtest’,
 it will whiz away and then report on the screen what your speed is..


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